Character Creation

Creating a character is done using the standard priority system presented in the Shadowrun, Fifth Edition rulebook. Be sure you have the latest printing or errata of the rulebook.

Rating and Availability
Any gear, including magic, cyberware, and bioware, may be purchased at character creation, provided the Availability is 12 or less and the Rating is 6 or less see (p. 94, SR5). Note that the Damage Value and Armor Rating of an item is not included in this, it is only items that have variable ratings levels you can purchase them at. Players may purchase normal, alpha, and used cyberware at character creation, but not beta or deltaware.

Keep in mind that most gear is assumed to have some wireless function built into it, and many pieces of gear benefit from being connected to your Personal Area Network in some way. Skinlink is not available yet at this point, so you’ll either need to run wireless to take advantage of these bonuses, or run wires to your gear if you want to be protected (you’ll look like a fraggin’ antique with wires running all over the place, but don’t worry. Wires are cool again!).
With this in mind, you’ll likely either need to make sure you have a good decker in the group to protect you with his cyberdeck, and/or make certain you have a decent firewall on your commlink to protect your gear. Getting bricked (see p. 228, SR5) sucks.

You are encouraged to carefully consider the contacts you choose and the fake SINs you purchase for your character. Both are incredibly useful. You’ll likely want (and even need) multiple SINs, because you can’t do much in the world of 2075 without one, and if they get burned, so do you!

Character Creation

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